PoPuPS (Portail de Publication de Périodiques Scientifiques) is a portal which allows journals editors from the University of Liège to publish easily and quickly their journals in Open Access. By this way, the visibility of research publications and the reputation of the journals are wider and improved. Next to the online version, each journal may still be published in print format. So, PoPuPS is a project which is alternative and complementary to commercial initiatives.

PoPuPS is based on partnership : the University of Liège Library develops the platform and acts as a technical support for journals editor. Since editorial independence is guaranteed, each journal remains fully responsible for the content and the diffusion of the articles.

PoPuPS respects international OAI standards. Its content is interoperable with similar foreign initiatives and therefore integrated into a large international network.

In January 2015, the Université Saint Louis de Bruxelles joined the PoPuPS portal, by integrating several of its journals.

Since spring 2018, the Royal Belgian Academy also publishes the journal La Thérésienne via PoPuPS

Scientific Context:

PoPuPS is one of the initiatives of the University of Liège Library to promote open access to scholarly communication. Among other initiatives, let’s mention ORBi, the open access institutional repository.

Indeed, the aim of the scientific community is indeed not to guarantee financial incomes to commercial publishers, but to allow a quick and large spreading of their researches while authors keep their right to be acknowledged for the works they publish.

So researchers have the responsibility to take control again on the scholarly publication process with the help of new technologies. In this regard, libraries have an important role to play: since they have always been specialized in giving access to information, they have to put their expertise at the disposal of scientific communities in order to develop and maintain new diffusion supports and new ways to have access to free information.